1. saltations:

    Gravels of the Ryoan-ji temple, Kyoto

  2. unknowneditors:


    Inceptualized Reality by Brad Sloan is a kickstarter project to finance a photography book presenting the infamous New York City in a dreamlike state.

    I’ve always had a fascination with architectural lines and how they interact with one another. In April of 2012, I visited Manhattan for the first time. I was immediately struck with the way that the modern metropolis skyline interacts and connects with everything around it. 

    I would like the opportunity to shoot in New York City once again capturing its stunning urban landscapes. Using these images, I will create a book that will explore the reality and unreality of how those lines intersect.

    My book will feature my unique composite images that I create using a variety of photo editing software tools. I use multiple exposure images that fold onto themselves, transcend reality and find beauty within complexity. 

    To make this book a reality, I will need financial backing for travel, the expenses incurred while exploring the city and book publishing costs. My goal is for $5000. Anything above that goal will be put toward equipment upgrades which would enhance future pictures.

    Click here to view this project on Kickstarter.

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  3. fotomog:


    "off the radar" Marc Trautmann

    is following my “lines” exhibition in the

    »> A Gallery «<

    Bergstrasse 68, Berlin Mitte 

    19.03.2014 19:00h 

    Very big sized, wonderful productions, a have look!

    Cheers from Berlin!


  5. haruminumata:

    Tender rain…

  6. teina-tokyo:

    Across the universe~

    Flying over Korea, February 2014

  8. matthewschiavello:



    Recently some events in this community that you and I are part of, have raised some serious questions. Questions such as; How do we raise above conflict, above disagreement and unite. How do we invite open and honest dialogue with the aim of addressing whatever it is we feel is wrong? If we feel that we need to voice our concerns to the wider community, then how do we do it in a manner which doesn’t incite hatred? How do we honour our feelings and at the same time, how do we minimise these same feelings from clouding our judgement? How do we create safe spaces in which constructive dialogue can take place. Above all, how do we sit comfortably with what may be different to how we would prefer things to be?

    Just a few thoughts that I have been reflecting on. I think self reflection is a wonderful thing.


  10. matthewschiavello:

    'In Black and White  #117'


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  13. mm-fotoblog:

    Going home

    Tired from photographing people for 5 hours I needed something abstract: Rushing through Bonn’s underground stations after an assignment.

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  15. transport-traffic:

    traffic : Water colors by RC_Fotonz